Thursday, December 13, 2018

304th Regiment Communications Sergeant Grouping Obtained

Robert Elwin A-S-H-C-R-A-F-T was born on September 23, 1923 in Clearfield, PA. He graduated from high school in 1941 and attended Penn State University until he enlisted in World War II. After graduating from basic training he was assigned to L-Company, 304th Regiment, in the 76th Division where he was the Company Communications Sergeant. He saw action in all three of the 76th's campaigns witnessed the horrors of war in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Germany. In 1948 he graduated from Carnegie Institute of Technology and in October he married his wife Barbara and moved to West Hartford. He passed away peacefully on March 17, 2017

This jacket has a beautiful bullion 3rd Army patch and a rarer theater made 76th example. Also attached are the green combat leader stripes, a combat troop's unofficial mark of, “I’m not with the rear echelon”

Sunday, November 18, 2018

385th Regiment PH Recipient Uniform Grouping

PFC Sanford M. F-O-S-T-E-R was born on December 20, 1918 in Maine. He enlisted in the Army on August 3, 1942 and upon completion of basic training he was assigned to F-Co, 2nd Bn, 385th Infantry Regt in the 76th Division at Fort George G. Meade. His military occupation was a messenger. He has the distinction of being one of the first 385th Regt men to be wounded in action having been hit in the initial river crossing from Luxembourg in to Germany on February 9, 1945.
He went on to serve in all three campaigns with the 76th and remained in theater on occupation duty until being shipped home in early 1946. He was ultimately discharged honorably on January 12, 1946.

He lived in Maine his entire life and passed away in 1977.

This grouping came with his laundry marked jacket, tie, pants, and two garrison caps. It is of special importance to me as this was my Grandfather’s BN during the war! Thanks for looking!

Saturday, July 28, 2018

On a Wing and a Prayer: A 901st FA Liaision Pilot Grouping Lands in the 76th Collection

1st Lt Marshall was born in 1914 in Michigan. He quickly answered the call to service by serving in the Illinois National Guard as a Field Artilleryman in the 122nd Field Artillery Battalion. He worked as a salesman in Peoria, Illinois when he met and married his wive in 1938. Following the war years, he once again felt the call to service and enlisted in March of 1943. Quickly rushed to pilot training to be an Artillery Liaison Pilot he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant on March 31, 1944. Qualified to fly in May of 1944, he was shipped to Camp McCoy to join HQ Btry, 901st Field Artillery Bn in the 76th Infantry Division.

He flew many daring missions in his Piper L-4 "Grasshopper" Light Observation Craft over enemy occupied territory and the grouping consists of many maps, translation books, escape and evasion tools, plus so much more.

He was ultimately awarded two Air Medals for his service during the Ardennes, Rhineland, and Central European Campaigns.

He passed away in 1952 and is buried in his hometown National Cemetery in Michigan

This grouping originally came straight from the veteran's daughter and will be a centerpiece in the collection for years to come. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

From PFC to Master Sergeant: An Easy-Co 304th Regt Veteran Identified IKE

Master Sergeant Lyle LeLand G-A-S-K-I-L-L was born on November 12, 1918 in Fairfield, Idaho. One of four brothers, Lyle enlisted in June of 1944. Upon completion of Basic and Infantry Training, he was quickly fast-tracked to 3rd Platoon, Easy Company, 304th Regiment, 76th Division in time for their departure for the ETO on Thanksgiving Day, 1944. He served in all three Campaigns with the 76th and at the cessation of combat, was a PFC. Lyle stayed on for Occupation Duty and was ultimately discharged as a Master Sergeant in 1946. 3 out of 4 brothers served during the war and their picture is below. Two served in the Pacific and Lyle was the lone man in the EAME. All survived the war unscathed.

After the war, Lyle began a career in casualty insurance which remained his life's work. He married his wife Edna in January of 1950 and together they had three children. He passed away in July of 1996.

Friday, February 9, 2018

HQ-Btry, 364th Field Artillery Bn Veteran Grouping

T/5 Stanley K. Sternberg (later VonSternberg) was born August 16, 1925 in Salem, MA. He entered service in October 1943 serving with HQ Battery, 364th Field Artillery Battalion in the 76th Division. In an interview, he stated his memorable experiences during the war were witnessing the surrender of 100,000 German troops the day the war ended. He was a jeep driver for the HQ Battery Commanding Officer and stated he thoroughly enjoyed his duties during his time in the Field Artillery. He stayed in constant contact with two of his 364th buddies until his final years of life. They were Arley Nelson and Lou Goyak (Pictured left and middle in the photo below)

He shipped back to the US in August of '45 with the 4th Infantry Division and served with the Div Arty HQ Battery. Stanley remained in the Reserves after the war ended and was honorably discharged in February of 1948. He also was a lifetime member of the 76th Infantry Division Association. In the late 1940's he also changed his last name to vonSternberg. After his service in the Army, Stanley attended and graduated from the Vesper George School of Art of Boston and was a technical illustrator and industrial draftsman for GTE-Sylvania for all his working career. Stanley ultimately passed away in 2016.

This jacket is a beautiful all original tailored example with a zipper front. The material of it closely resembles pre-war officer's jacket fabric. This grouping came straight from this veteran's son and will be cherished in exhibits for years to come!